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Install WordPress Nginx (LEMP) on DigitalOcean

Install WordPress Nginx (LEMP) on DigitalOcean

WordPress on a LEMP (Nginx) server is one of the best configurations for someone who wants to host and manage their own server.

OneDrive Ubuntu

How to Install OneDrive on Ubuntu (Linux)

OneDrive by Microsoft does not officially support Linux/Ubuntu. We will be using the Abrauneeg Linus OneDrive client to run it on Ubuntu.

Convert WordPress Website To Static Website

Convert WordPress Website To Static HTML Website

WordPress has 2 drawbacks, it’s slow, and it’s open to attacks. To overcome these we will convert WordPress websites to Static HTML

Best WordPress Cloud Hosting

6 Best WordPress Cloud Hosting (2023)

Cloud hosting has grown in popularity really fast and that too for good reasons. Hosting WordPress on a cloud host provider will really charge up your website.

Post Layouts

3 Post Layouts With Different Background Widths

Having variety in my post layouts is essential to make them attractive. I know many in the industry believe that simple and boring is the best approach to web page layouts.


Dyslexia: How They Experience Reading

A friend who has dyslexia described to me how she experiences reading. She can read, but it takes a lot of concentration, and the letters seem to “jump around”.


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